Scandinavian house

scandinavian house

In this spacious interior, we were delighted with the light. Sunny living room, bright kitchen, lighted bathroom. How to arrange a house so that this light stays there for longer?

We chose pure white in combination with natural wood, functional, simple furniture, without unnecessary decorations. Strength in simplicity works especially if we have a limited budget. Warm wooden parquet, pleasant to the eye and bare feet. Kitchen in a white mat, not only beautiful but also economically planned. A minimalist bedroom where it's easy to relax. A spacious, bright bathroom, or rather a bathing room, while lying in the bathtub, you can look at the sky or watch the stars.

To this light Scandinavian interior, we have added flavors in the form of hidden doors, painted in color and built-in units without fronts or with fronts to the full height.

Other realizations

An elegant apartment with predominant white and delicate grays2022-09-27T11:29:29+02:00
White, gray and wood complemented by eye-catching onyx.2022-07-19T09:38:08+02:00
The kitchen is decorated in an industrial style, strong and bold2022-07-19T09:46:21+02:00