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Interior design is a very broad concept. Come
for the first meeting and find out what your options are. We start each project with an analysis of needs, on this basis, we propose an appropriate interior finishing package, which is also an offer, so you know the budget from the very beginning. After the decision to start cooperation, the Customer Advisor or Architect will present the schedule of the next meetings at the first meeting and will adapt them individually to your expectations and design needs.


Schedule Meetings

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Choice of materials - the architect will advise which materials fit together and will fit well in the interior

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Additional finish - at this stage you will discuss your ideas and our proposed changes or additional finishing options with the architect, e.g. minor changes in the layout of the apartment or suspended ceilings and additional points

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PLUS equipment packages - the architect will present and advise from our PLUS packages offer the best kitchen layout, types of fronts, household appliances sets as well as fittings and a sink. The order of the kitchen includes a comprehensive service: coordination, transport, assembly

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Lighting and wall decorations - by choosing lighting from our offer, you get architect's advice, comprehensive order service and installation with the selection of a light source

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Visualizations - all selected options can now be shown on the visualizations that are included in the selected package. Depending on the package and if necessary, we make color corrections and placement

project stages

We finish each stage

After each stage, you receive a summary with the selected materials or an offer, in the event of a change in the scope of work and materials, we provide an additional price and deadline for implementing these changes - on this basis, you decide which changes we will introduce. In addition, thanks to the sequence of the above steps, you can be sure that the agreed price and scope of work
will not change and the deadlines will be met.

Remember, however, that the initial design process is not the end of our task. Only after the premises are picked up from the developer and reviewed by the coordinator, we will be able to confirm for sure whether all the assumed works are feasible and do not require any changes. There may also be additional work that we could not foresee at the initial design stage.

In order to confirm the design assumptions, after the acceptance of the flat or house, we perform measurements and, on their basis, the detailed documentation, commonly known as the detailed design. We discuss the project with the client and after approval, we order finishing materials and prepare the premises for the commencement of construction works.

changes Tenants

Changes to tenants in accordance with the developer's agreement, i.e. changes in the spatial layout of the apartment, including the resulting changes to the installation, are made based on the technical conditions
and construction law. Despite the preparation of the design by our experienced team of specialists, the functional design requires an agreement with the developer and the consent of the building designer, mainly in terms of installation changes, including the connection capacity for the apartment.

If it is too late to make changes to the tenant's house, we will propose a functional design - you can also make such changes with us. The architect and coordinator supervises the changes to the construction site.

It is a proposal for customers who intend to start finishing or general renovation of a house or apartment by adapting the apartment layout and installation to their needs.

As part of the Functional Project, we propose changes in the layout taking into account the needs of the household members and the arrangement illustrated with 2D views. We mark on them changes in the scope of walls, planned and those to be demolished, as well as changes in the electrical and plumbing installations.


  • functional layout and 2D arrangement for the entire Premises in the form of a top plan with changes to the development arrangement
  • designation of new or moved electrical points
  • designation of new or moved hydraulic points
  • marking of CO points that are moved

If you are interested in an individual approach to each aspect of the project -


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